"But it's everywhere we've been, and everywhere I turn."

I get so much muse to RP and then I don’t 

hello yes i forgot about this

Lost re-watch | 3x23 | Through the Looking Glass [Part 2]

Anonymous asked: 1-25!
  1. Favorite episode: Can’t answer that. I love every episode.
  3. Favorite relationship of the giant love triangle? Idk but I ship Suliet and Jate
  4. Most upsetting death? JULIET :(
  5. Favorite Dharma station? The Swan
  6. Smokey or Man in Black? Smokey
  7. How did you feel able The End? I love The End. I’m one of the few who understands it. But I do feel like they were trying to hurry things up.
  8. Favorite flashback? Probably all of the flashbacks for Kate and Claire
  9. Favorite flash-forwards? At the end of Season 3 where we thought it was a flashback aND IT WASNT
  10. Favorite flash-sideways? Kate hijacking the taxi with Claire and them forming their bond :)
  11. Favorite island mystery? People disappearing out of nowhere.
  12. Caves, the beach, or the hatch? THE BEACH
  13. Flashback, flash-forwards, or flash sideways? Flashbacks
  14. Fish biscuits or strawberries? Fish buiscuits
  15. Favorite season? 3 or 4
  16. Favorite location on the island? The survivors camp 
  17. Favorite character? Claire Littleton <3
  18. Favorite candidate? Hurley idk
  19. Favorite character from off the island? Penelope <3
  20. Favorite survivor? Claire
  21. Favorite tailie? Libby/ Ana Lucia/ Bernard
  22. Favorite Other? Ben
  23. If you could have one prop/item what would it be? A glass jar full of the sand from the beach
  24. Favorite Sawyer nickname? Freckles, Crouching Tiger, Blondie, Mamacita, Dr. Giggles, International house of pancakes
  25. Favorite couple? ALL OF THEM



richard alpert vs a shower

even better: richard alpert in a shower


i wish i had friendships like yourskate and sun